Cheap and simple DIY RC Storage Rack Idea

The total cost is about $25-30 and took a little over an hour to build.

Only tools you need are a drill and some clamps and possibly a stud finder and small t-square.

Parts and prices:

  • 1x6" x 8’ = $6

  • 2x3" x 8’ = $2 (3 of these)

  • 2x4" x 8’ = $3

  • 3 1/2" screws = $8 (box of about 60)

  • 2" screws = $2 (box of 20 or so)

So while at HD or Lowes, have a worker cut the 2x3"x8’ into strips anywhere from 8 to 12" long, your choice.

Also have them cut 3 or 4 5" pieces out of the 2x4"

When you get home, use pieces of the 2x3" as guides by clamping them to the 1x6"x8’. This will ensure your shelf posts will be straight and level.

Drill and install 2 screws through the 1x6" into each 2x3" shelf post.

Space them along the 1x6"x8’ so your RC’s will fit well. I used roughly 8" as my spacing.

Once that’s done, mount the 2x4"x5" piece of wood to the wall. Try to find a stud. Once that is done, mount the shelving unit to those pieces and you’re done.