Companies allowed to fly drones over the US

The purposes of these companies are aerial surveys and perform aerial data collection for agriculture, mining, and other purposes, provide media coverage among other things to motor-sports events, real estate professionals, agricultural crop scouting, agricultural appraisal photography, and construction site inspections, search and rescue, photography, video, research/development and demonstration for thermal imaging cameras to police, search and rescue, fire departments, energy industry. Also many other uses like finding wildlife and agriculture monitoring.

Seiler Instrument Inc
Price of His Toys
Donald G Alexander
Holliday Sand and Gravel Company
Seminole Club Inc
Alaska Aerial Services
iFlyJax LLC
Roger D Duffell PhD
John Massey
Brandon Taylor
Aero Tech Surveys
Paul Alley
Allied Drones
NewFields Knowledge Management
Alert Enterprises
Cody Anderson
Ryan Switala
Adam J Bausch
Above All Imaging
RPSearch Services Inc
Strat Aero International Inc
Duke University
Etc. you can find the whole list here.