Pros and Cons of Nitro and Electric

Hi, everyone. I’ve decided to start a new hobby and I’m still quite new to this. It would be helpful if someone can list the pros and cons of each. Which of the two do you think I should get?

I read that electric is easier for beginners like me – is it true? If so, what am I missing if I choose electric over nitro?

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yep, electric is good for beginners but my suggestion is nitro all the way! the sound itself will break necks and keep heads turning. looks cooler and tougher too! just load with fuel and you can go all day. no charging, etc. downside, definitely needs tuning every now and then which is quite hard if you don’t understand what you’re doing. everybody is a beginner at some point, better start early learning the loops, eh?

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Electric is less expensive, less complicated (plug and play), and much much faster. Just check all the world records. :wink: I like how the electric doesn’t easily piss off neighbors the way nitro cars would. You don’t need fuel to run it, you’d only need batteries. It’s also easier to work on and easier to maintain. Cons, hm. overheating could be an issue for LiPo. Take extra care.

As for Nitro, it is definitely not for beginners – the constant tuning every time the temperature or humidity changes, very high maintenance. You also need to clean it after every run. The smell and noise are just not for me, it’s a matter of personal preference. Some like it, some don’t.

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@illestsofly @EddyP Thank you for your responses. Both have good points! Thank you. I’ll think about it and look around some more, perhaps start canvassing, too. :slight_smile: